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Pilotage | Пилотаж

Pilotage | Пилотаж

Pilotage celebrates it’s 10th anniversary (FACECONTROL.SPB #31, july 2007)

This summer the Pilotage introduced a new program called "Andy Williams Show". It included the best songs of Frank Sinatra, George Benson, Quincy Jones, Glenn Miller, Brian Setzer , Ray Charles, Tom Jones and Andy Williams.

9 - 11 musicians on the stage. Drum, bass, keyboard, guitar, brass - section ( trombone, trumpet ,saxophone - flute, baritone - sax ), three vocalists ( man and two girls ). All artists - graduates of the St. Petersburg musical institutions, the team played together long time.

The duration of the show is two hours.

Listen to Pilotage

Some songs of Pilotage from new show (mp3, 96 kbps):


Group «Pilotage» was founded in 1997. Today - it is the most successful project of our company. They act almost every week, for this reason played well together ,and infinitely loved by loyal audience of our regular customers. Once a month there is the date when the group wanted in three or four cities or countries, and for this reason, our other teams know and can play their repertoire..

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