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Interview with the producer     SOBAKA.RU #83, december 2007

If you see a band looking and playing perfectly at a private party lay a bet that it is one of Mercury Planet Entertainment Group bands… Full interview →

Interview with Pilotage band     MEN’S MAGAZINE, june 2007

Pilotage | Пилотаж

Many people have known Pilotage for a long time. When did the band form?

Oleg Belov (on the right on the photo)
The band exists since 1997 and let me tell you that it was as existing as it is for the past decade… Full band interview →

Pilotage celebrates it’s 10th anniversary     FACECONTROL.SPB #31, july 2007

The band that is considered to be intellectual, of European modern style and English tact have played at 450 parties in Moscow and the Nothern capital… Read more →