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Interview with Pilotage band     MEN’S MAGAZINE, june 2007

Many people have known Pilotage for a long time. When did the band form?

Oleg Belov (on the right on the photo)
The band exists since 1997 and let me tell you that it was as existing as it is for the past decade.

There was a time when you performed in clubs regularly and got some Club Award, didn’t you?

Anton Bondarenko (the second one on the left on the photo)
In 2003 Pilotage won »Night Life Awards« as being The Best Club Group 2003 and it seems to me that it was true. We performed in clubs for a really long period of time, we played House music both in English and Russian and thought that we did it well. Looking back It’s difficult to judge.

Your shows were great at that time. What’s happened? Why don’t you give the shows like that for a general audience?

O. B.
In 2004 the band membership changed greatly and this is bound to be reflected in the music. There became seven of us instead of five. New abilities, arrangements and songs. It seems to me that the audience loving the band’s hot Clubhouse was not ready for new live sound, it was absolutely different, Bossa nova and Jive music.

A year after all that the band’s vocalists changed. Olya Sergeeva left and then Dima Milanov did. They left the band and began to produce some groups, young and not less talented vocalists appeared.

You said groups, am I right?

O. B.
Yes, you’re right. There are several nice bands that Pilotage produces.

Could you tell me what exactly you do?

O. B.
I think you’d better ask Anton. He is the sound-producer of the bands.

A. B.
There were a lot of gifted young people all around us and we wanted to help them. I mean the real help…

The name of one of the groups is «Mercury Planet». The band consists of five musicians and three fabulous female vocalists with absolutely different brilliant qualities of voice. Singing before a rehearsal they create a chorus voice having a three-step higher pitch, they sing some songs of ABBA or The Brand New Heavies. It is a great pleasure for everybody — they are real professionals!

Speaking about music, it’s another great thing. The band can already provide four hours of live music and are able to perform for any audience. To tell the truth it’s the main target of all the groups. You are the universe! Universal performers know a lot of things and are able to set them.

You should strike a balance in Pop music and at this very time, forty years later, we can admit it. ABBA, Boney M, Joe Dassin, Adriano Chelentano, Yuriy Antonov, Bee Gees are still number ones. To be more exact it’s essential nowadays for a performer to be a universal one…or you’d better live in Moscow. (laughing).

Anton, could you tell me the style of the music Mercury Planet plays?

A. B.
The playlist is designed according to the audience. If the band plays at a club or young people birthday party they start with Disco House, something like Martin Solveig, Armand Van Helden music and then the band will play remixes of the songs of Boney M, ABBA, Latin House. If the band plays for an adult audience it’s better to start with Russian music that are the 60s-style arranged. »Jive« as we call it. And for sure at the end you would hear the songs of Ray Charles and Brenda Lee.

I’d like to know where we can come and listen to  Mercury Planet?

A. B.
The band mainly performs in Moscow. And they are playing on the 28th of June at the Grand Concert Hall «Oktyabrsky» in Saint-Petersburg together with Boney M.

Thanks, that’s really interesting, maybe you can tell something about other bands?

A. B.
There are a lot of them and it’s difficult for promoters to remember all the names, that’s why we called the bands after the name of the main hit they played which associated with one or another style. For example «Love Me Tender» plays great and unforgettable muisc of the 50s, 60s. Everything is thought out: costumes, shoes, hairstyle, sound, atmosphere. Every song lasts not more than one and a half or two minutes and it seems to me that because of that the concert program is perceived in one breath.

I can tell you that making this project we thought about concert tour in Memphis, Elvis’ homeland, about our friends that are just mad about this music. And you know we are really lucky because we’ve found a chic vocalist and two fabulous female vocalists, they sing and look fantastically.

O. B.
I thought we would talk about Pilotage but we don’t…

Sorry, that’s my fault. Guys, what is Pilotage going to do this summer?

O. B.
We play in Moscow almost every week, our friends have invited us to come to Ibiza in the end of July, to El Divino if I’m not mistaken. We’ll play in Villa at Cap Fera and in Rome in August.

We’re going to release our own cd but frankly speaking we’d rather replay some old forgotten songs. That’s the best way to win all hearts but of course there are some exceptions, some bands just awfully mess the things up.

You took part in «Music Ring» together with Maxim Leonidov, how was it?

O. B.
The show took place at Royal Beach, glamorous restaurant on the shore of the gulf and Maxim’d said before the show began: «Let the friendship win». And we think because of that he won (laughing). To be serious Maxim is at another weight category, he is extremely proficient and gifted artist, he easyly comes in contact with the audience, sings his own songs — all that work. Speaking about our own performance I should say that it was one of the best shows speaking about both the sound and energy. Everybody was pleased.

Are you going to make a video or a song for rotation?

O. B.
Our vocalist Kolya Zabolotskih (the first on the left on the photo) has a gorgeous voice, we’ve recorded several own songs with him. I think that in July we’ll offer them to be played to some radio stations and you’ll hear them.

Thank you.